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I have e-mailed Autoglass

Dear whom it may concern,

I’d like to make a complaint about the driving of one of your fleet, registration no. KM59EES.

On Wednesday 4th July, at around 2:00 I was cycling towards Maidstone on the London Road (A20) when in an incident unrelated to your fleet, a campervan nearly hit me, so I had to hit the side of that vehicle to warn him I was there. The driver of KM59EES then sounded his horn, shouted ‘idiot’ at me and then forced me towards the pavement where the road narrows, nearly knocking me off again. He then started hurling abuse at me, before later down the road showing me a GoPro video camera, which I would assume filmed the whole incident. I also have a video camera on my bike, and the footage from this is available on Youtube, via the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch

I also believe that under the Data Protection Act 1998, if the GoPro video camera belongs to the company, I should have access to the footage from it regarding this incident. [Thanks to CycleGaz for suggesting this]

Many thanks for taking time to read my e-mail, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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I hate buses

It was textbook return day at school, and this unfortunately made cycling impossible. I managed to get a lift in a cage to school, but even worse, I had to use public transport.

Not that I’m against the principle of public transport. It’s just that Maidstone is very much designed for the motor car, and no matter how much the Kent Messenger moans about congestion, everyone still drives. Due to this public transport is for those who can’t use a car, not for those who chose not to use a car. Of course there are exceptions, me of course, but these people are few and far between.

Firstly, it was ridiculously expensive. It works out at just above 66p a mile, or 11p a minute (most of your time is spent stopped at bus stops). Considering I could fill up my fuel tank stomach to complete such a journey for much less considering it is a short journey. Also it’s quicker by bike, despite being uphill.

Secondly, its boring. Cycling is fun, even when difficult. In a bus you get stuck in an environment which is too hot or cold (depending on season), with nothing much to do. Reading just gave me a headache.

Thirdly, when I complete a bike ride, I feel a small sense of achievement, even on short rides. By bus, you feel so depressed, opening the fire exit and bailing makes sense.

OK, maybe I am exaggerating for the purposes of a blog, but my points still stand, just in a less extreme way. Let’s hope I never have to take a bus again in the foreseeable future.

maidstoneonbike out.

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If cyclists have to dismount, it’s only fair…

If cyclists have to dismount, it's only fair...

The photo might be bad quality but I think the point is clear.

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British Gas E-mail

Dear Whom it may concern,
I was cycling along the A20 London Road in Maidstone Kent, on the 18th June 2012, when one of your engineers passed me extremely closely. When asked if he thought he had given me enough space, he said ‘Get out of the middle of the f***ing road’, despite the fact that when I was in the middle of the lane (not road), I was travelling at 28mph in a 30mph zone, and when he passed me I was to the left of centre of the lane. The registration of the vehicle involved is PE61FKS and a video of this can be found on Youtube via the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCfGGGvLSeA. This sort of behaviour didn’t get him anywhere, as I followed him for another 1/2 mile before passing him at a traffic jam. I’m pretty sure that dangerous driving isn’t part of ‘looking after my world’.

Many thanks for taking time to read my e-mail, and look forward to hearing your response soon.

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Skyride Kent tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the opening of Cyclopark, in North Kent, by Skyride hosting an event, which I’ll be going to. The Skyride will be taking place on the new 2.9 kilometre and 6 metre wide tarmac track that’s been built to host races, and for general training. Looks like the weather will be great too, unlike last years London Skyride, which annoyingly is not taking place this year.

Cyclopark location: http://goo.gl/maps/ygd2
Cyclopark Website: www.cyclopark.com
Skyride website: www.goskyride.com/kentskyride

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Privacy Complaint? You just made it worse for yourself.

The driver in my NHS Supply Chain Lorry decided to make a privacy complaint against my video, despite the fact he was filmed perfectly legally in a public place (and drove like a moron). I re-uploaded a ‘censored’ version of the video, and at least 3 other Youtubers [technical name] have uploaded and uncensored version. This version is also available to download, through a link I’ll add at the end.

Never mess with cyclists, they stick up for each other 🙂

maidstoneonbike out.

Video download link: